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All of H&I Tekstile’s practices are focused on ecological values, and we feel that the future of the earth is in our hands. As a result, we have decided to use eco-friendly technology and resources. Our primary emphasis is on long-term sustainable development and all associated processes. The following sections explain what sustainable growth in the apparel industry entails and what our business does to achieve modern environmental standards.

What Is Sustainable Development?

Contemporary sustainable development is a concept with origins going back to the twentieth century. It began as a series of proposals for better forest management in the face of massive and unregulated logging. Also back then, sustainable development aimed to strike a balance between ecology, economy, and sociology.

With the growth of different industries and the threats that come with it, the concept of sustainable development has improved. Today, it is a doctrine that focuses on meeting human development goals but still protecting the environment. It becomes real by using the inherent capabilities of habitats under certain limitations. In other words, it focuses on achieving harmony in nature by supporting pro-ecological processes.

Sustainable development is a collection of solutions that can be used in almost every sector or industry. This philosophy reacts to contemporary problems such as climate change, environmental pollution, global warming, and even social injustice. Finally, the goal is for society to be free to progress at its speed by not degrading the natural world.


Sustainable Development at H&I Tekstile

H&I Tekstile is one of just two companies in Poland to hold the prestigious GOTS certificate. The Global Organic Textile Standard certification is a one-of-a-kind affirmation that our pro-environmental efforts make sense. Every day, we are proud and grateful to be able to contribute to the improvement of quality in the natural environment.

The GOTS certification validates H&I Tekstile’s contribution to sustainable development and related concepts. We not only want to be pro-environmental, but we are also taking specific and practical actions in that direction. From designs to the finished product, ideas of how to help the natural world motivate us to work.

How does H&I Tekstile help to integrate pro-eco ideas into our daily processes? Our textile products, which include home, children’s, and hotel textiles, are manufactured using advanced ecological machines. At each point, we reduce the use of synthetic materials and restrict the use of goods potentially hazardous to nature.

Every day we employ advanced technology that enables us to make incremental progress toward ecological growth. We provide ecological packaging services using the following machines: Comarme F2000 Op carton former and Comarme GEM B52 OPP sealer. We also use the Masterplat Pgs Plus wrapping machine for pallets, which is safe for the environment. There is also a Lapomatic C25 sealer in our company, a machine that uses water to operate. All of these components are here to reduce the amount of foil and cardboard we use when manufacturing products.

Being proud holders of the GOTS certification, we also put a strong focus on waste segregation. We separate cuttings, leftovers, and post-production waste into suitable categories before we bale them. For that purpose, we have the Orwak 3420 Power machine, which allows the waste to take up less space. And it is also cleaner for the environment.

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