Save Space, Choose Storage Services

In every trading company, goods and items take up a lot of room. The construction of new storage space, as well as the associated logistics procedures, does not make corporate life any easier. Thus, H&I Tekstile provides extensive storage solutions to meet the need for tested, secure, clean, and dry warehouse spaces. Our company provides storage services and feels that we should ease at least some of our clients’ burdens. We maintain a technical approach to the handling and security of supplies, objects, and merchandise that you entrust to us. We use warehouses every day, so we appreciate the value of high-quality storage services like no one else.

Why Use H&I Tekstile Storage Services?

For many years, H&I Tekstile has collaborated with leading textile enterprises. We are textile manufacturers, yet we also provide a variety of unique cutting, packing, and storage services. We believe in outsourcing and we recognize that businesses need not be concerned with some aspects of their operations. Issues such as warehousing, for example, can be outsourced to an external firm with a large-area warehouse. That is why we invite you to take advantage of our storage services.

Safe and Clean Storage, Safekeeping, Warehousing

We use our many years of experience to ensure that the programs we deliver are of the highest quality. It is no different when it comes to storage. We fully comprehend the gravity and significance of a secure warehouse, as well as its added value. You get protection assurance by opting to store your products in our warehouse. As a result, we put a strong focus on keeping the storage area clean and tidy. A clean and dry warehouse climate transforms into more options, so we offer both short-term and long-term storage. Goods storage has never been easier!

The Highest Quality Storage Services Guarantee Success

Our warehouse location is in the suburbs of Bydgoszcz, specifically at Olowiana 18 Street, in the Osowa Gora district. Being so close to the S10 and S5 expressways ensures faster access to the A1 motorway close to Torun. Such a location of the warehouse means that we can seamlessly serve clients from all over the country and beyond. Using high storage technology is possible thanks to proven and stable racks. Each day our warehouse staff use not only hand trucks but also forklifts. These solutions help us collect and load full pallets, and additionally make the forwarding processes more fluid and faster. We can store almost anything, so heavy and big textiles are no challenge for us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific orders.