Comprehensive Packaging Services for Business

Logistics networks are a reliable basis for any business. They are what any company needs to establish and carry out its regular duties smoothly. Years of experience in the textile industry have taught us that logistics is indeed crucial in the business. That is why we would like to take some of your responsibilities by offering to outsource a few procedures. H&I Tekstile has prepared robust packaging services for businesses to relieve entrepreneurs. We pack textile goods for consumers in such a way that they arrive unbent and ready for further showing.

Why Choose Packaging Services for Business at H&I Tekstile?

H&I Tekstile understands that a successful company is often dependent on different forms of cost-cutting. As a result, we encourage our customers to take advantage of our robust company packaging services. We recommend that a portion of the company’s activity be outsourced to shorten logistics procedures and save costs. Our experts pack any kind of item so that you can ship it to the end-user in pristine condition. We provide incredibly convenient options for businesses by automating the packaging processes. Our mission is to simplify and enhance business packaging services while still keeping the environment in mind. We use cutting-edge technology that is still environmentally sustainable.

Advantages of Packaging Services for Business

You can save time and money by using H&I Tekstile’s packaging services. Our company’s goal is to ease the activity of businesses, which we accomplish by providing a wide set of skills. We encourage you to use our competent and detailed packaging services, especially when purchasing textile products from us. We want our customers to enjoy the extraordinary satisfaction that comes with using the wide spectrum of services we have. As a result, we concentrate on shortening distribution procedures by outsourcing, i.e. taking on some of the company responsibilities. We are prepared to satisfy all demands on the hassle-free packing of textile products.

Packing Services for Sustainable Development and Ecology

H&I Tekstile envisions a healthier world, after all, it is our shared habitat. We see ecological as well as environmental growth needs. We also recognize that it is entirely up to us to determine how our planet will look in the future. As a result, we introduce the packaging facilities we provide for businesses with the most advanced equipment and tools that follow environmental requirements. Among them is the Masterplat Pgs Plus pallet wrapping unit, which allows us to use much less foil when palletizing. We also save money by packaging cartons with the Comarme F2000 carton folder and the Comarme GEM B52 OPP sealer. And we use a Lapomatic C25 paper tape dispenser to wrap packets with environmentally friendly adhesive paper tape.