New technology
High quality

At H&I Tekstile, we care for the best quality of textile products, offering a wide variety of key services for our industry. We incorporate individual partnership initiatives with small, medium, and large businesses, regardless of scale. We assume that our textile services are a definitive and certain step toward the growth of your business. Collaborating with demanding customers both in Poland and around the world, we have the most amazing resources, insights, and results. Our service portfolio provides extensive options for weaving, cutting, packaging, and storage.


H&I Tekstile is a textile firm that caters to your specific needs by offering proven and satisfactory sewing services. We run on the basis of client individual requests, and our options in this field are extremely diverse.

We sew quilts, sheets, mattress pads, and a variety of other home textiles items just for you. We can create designs, patterns, and complete products. Anything we do, we focus initially on the clients’ projects.

Our company aims to provide the best sewing services solutions that will meet your satisfaction and recognition. We segregate and bale all cuttings and waste left over from garment processing using Orwak 3420 Power machines.


The cutting room at H&I Tekstile is where part of the process of making the finest textiles takes place. Even in the age of cutting process automation, we should not abandon the technical assistance of trained draftsmen and cutters.

As part of our cutting room, we are ready to provide you with the possibility of individual cooperation. Since we care for our clients’ satisfaction, we perform all orders based on clear demands and instructions.

Our cutting room can take orders for patterns made of many materials thanks to the use of new technology. We work with cotton, jersey, nylon, and foil fabrics. We use only the most reliable cutting knives, including thermal knives.


You can shorten the process of package preparation for the target consumer by using H&I Tekstile’s packaging service. Our staff help in the packaging of all “ready-made” textile products.

When using our services, you receive a guarantee of the highest quality and purity of products. We aim to fold the textiles neatly without creases. After that, we bundle the items so that they can be shipped directly to consumers or shops.

To maintain the best quality of packaging, we use the most dependable and proven strategies and equipment. We work with devices during packing that we value for their ecological qualities while taking care of the environment.


At H&I Tekstile, we concentrate on making the best use of large warehouses, which allows us to store more. Our warehouses are safe, clean, and, most importantly, dry.

We focus our textile storage service on storing items that we can accept from customers. We advise you to stock your goods and supplies for both short and long periods.

Our unique textile warehouses use all the modern and proven technological solutions. We operate at maximum capacity by using storage racks and forklifts.