About us

Our strategy? We want to strengthen our brand by exceeding our customers' needs. Our company strives to continue proposing goods and technologies that improve your offer's place on the dynamic market.

H&I Tekstile’s history started in 1991. It was when Malgorzata and Maciej Izyccy, the company’s successful owners received their first-ever order. It was a request from the Swedish firm Emmaljunga to sew textile elements for exclusive prams.

A small manufacturing facility worked in a basement at the time. Yet that did not preclude the idea of a greater company from becoming the main goal. This is especially true given that our clients have consistently expressed their appreciation for the high quality of our work. As a result of this, the business started to grow at a fast rate. Soon, it changed its headquarters, enlarged and modernized the machinery park, employed experienced and specialized cutters, seamstresses and warehousemen.

Years elapsed, new clients were placing orders, and H&I Tekstile was actively growing and seeking new opportunities. We also specialized in manufacturing and packaging bed linen at the behest of several famous German textile companies. We started production for prominent brands that enjoy great customer trust and a high position on the German market.

H&I Tekstile, a textile company from Bydgoszcz, Poland, collaborates with several well-known industry businesses. We are constantly working on developing some of our brands. Our goods and services are in high demand in Poland and across Europe. Thus, we are continually modernizing our production line.

We’d also like to point out that we’re one of the two firms in Poland with the GOTS certification. The Global Organic Textile Standard paper shows that our company commits to long-term growth. We consider the environment at every point of the development of our residential, children’s, and hotel textiles. Since nature is our common interest, we make every attempt to ensure that our textiles are also environmentally friendly.