International Customer Service – a Few Golden Rules | H&I Tekstile

International Customer Service – a Few Golden Rules | H&I Tekstile

Who else wants to have the most satisfying relationships with clients? When it comes to international customer service, there are a few golden rules that can up the sales game. Here at H&I Tekstile we are building long-lasting customer relations abroad. One of our main target countries is Germany, thus we apply the following ideas in real life. See how easily you can make your business blossom thanks to these few ideas for seamless international customer service.


Build Unforgettable Experiences With International Customer Service

In terms of sales and product availability, globalization is the right way to help companies flourish in the market. Our professionals at H&I Tekstile understand firsthand how crucial maintaining good client relations are. Especially, when it comes to international customer service. Engaging them, creating a safe sales space, and keeping up the good game might be difficult. That is why we decided to share these tricks we think are crucial in creating long-lasting relationships with your foreign customers:


1.      Communicate With Your International Customers

At first glance, it may seem like a natural and not necessarily sophisticated trick. Yet, so many of us forget to communicate properly whilst communication is the key to any relationship. Not only should you talk about your business but also learn to listen to your clients.

If you want to understand your international customers’ needs, you need to focus on what they want to tell you. Do not create elaborate monologues. Be open to bilateral conversations. To find a solution to any problem, you need to examine what the issue truly is. That can be achieved through communication.

The same golden rule applies to your employees. Share some know-how with your sales department, teaching them the importance of proper communication. It is good to maintain an employee strategy that requires prompt reports to ensure that the needs of the consumer are met. Be certain that the team immediately answers all messages and emails.


2.      Connect to Your Clients’ Needs

According to modern studies, 68% of customers worldwide have left a brand because they felt the company did not care about them. We feel like there might be a problem with the connection between those companies and their clients.

It is always a good idea to try some modern technologies and new ways to connect with your customers. Why not develop outstanding social media accounts? Through frequent and engaging posts you can create a network, in which your clients will be more attracted to your products.

Always make sure that all your online actions are of the highest quality. You do not want to disappoint your clients with blank pages, do you?


3.      Be One Step Ahead

If you want your clients to stay satisfied, try exceeding their expectations. Clients tend to hope for the best but expect the worst. Change the way they view their relationships with brands by promising less but delivering more.

Surprise your customers in a good way. This golden rule of international customer service applies to the general impression people get when cooperating with a company. Keep them coming back by simply giving more.

The best companies are the ones that are constantly developing and learning. Providing new and better solutions to everyday issues is what international customers will surely appreciate.


4.      Collect Your Clients’ Feedback

You may think that everything is perfect about your company. The sales are high, new products are conquering the market, you leave the competition far behind. However, have you taken a look at your enterprise from the clients’ perspective?

Asking for customer feedback is crucial if you want to know the truth about your company and products. The importance of good-quality international customer service can rely on their opinion and ratings.

Whether you receive a compliment or a complaint, always take your clients’ words to your heart. All feedback can make a difference when you want your company to flourish. That is why you need to listen to your clients, even if you believe your work is outstanding.


5.      Respect Your Customers and Their Time

Whatever you do – do it respectfully. Using formal language is one of the basic rules and it applies to all your clients. But, more importantly, you should also respect your customers’ time the same way you want to have your time respected.

Studies show that nearly 70% of customers end the telephone call when they cannot reach a company representative. That is why it is so important to provide the highest quality when it comes to customer service.

Respecting time is also connected to sending e-mails. Never hurry your clients if they need a while longer to reply. Patiently wait and contact them only when you feel that the matter is becoming more urgent.

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