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Textile Production Process – From Fabric to Finished Product

At H&I Tekstile each day we put a lot of effort to ensure the highest quality of our products. In the center of all our actions, customer satisfaction is of top priority. That is why we focus on using the most sophisticated tools and techniques, all along remembering sustainable development. In the following article, we want to emphasize the uniqueness of our textile production process. From single fabrics to finished products in your favorite store – we shine a light on each of the steps.


What Distinguishes Our Textile Production Process

Over the years, we have managed to develop our unique textile production process. The team at H&I Tekstile understands the importance of seamless production, which the whole company is responsible for. Thus, we do everything in our power to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our business clients usually expect us to provide a complete set of services starting with the perfect designs. They also require preparing all technical documentation, ordering necessary materials, and other elements. We prepare everything upon receiving all the requirements, including quantities, stitched prototypes, optionally prepared patterns, and other comments. After the customers place their orders, we are ready to get to work.


Textile Production Process #1: Preproduction

Before we can start the main textile production process, our office passes the order to our preproduction department. Professional staff orders and prepares all essential raw materials and semi-finished goods.

In the meantime, we plan and design the exact technological side of the production. This is when we outline the working hours for each of the individual operations. Our technologists prepare the templates, the production line, and all kinds of transportation for carrying out the order. At this point, all the documentation goes to the production department.


Textile Production Process #2: Cutting & Sewing Rooms

The first thing that happens to the materials is cutting the fabrics according to the guidelines from the templates. This is what we do in our modern cutting room. Depending on the order volume, we use a manual or an automated process. If the complexity of the order is low, sophisticated machinery helps us with our projects.

Yet, with more advanced designs, we combine manual work with the assistance of technology. Cutting machines, cutting tables, fabric cutters are just some of the automated machines we rely on. As soon as the fabrics are cut in the desired way, they are sent to the right sewing room. There, our seamstresses sew all the fabrics according to the order’s requirements.


Textile Production Process #3: Packing Room

At H&I Tekstile, our packing room is the key part of the whole textile production process. The quality of the end product is what our staff determines here. That is because we put effort into not just packing the products but also maintaining quality control. In other words, this is the stage where our professionals can submit or reject each product before it reaches the customer.

If there are any fabric errors, our quality inspectors indicate all deficiencies in a special report. Errors may include discoloration, inappropriate fabrics, wrong stitches, connections of individual patterns that are inconsistent with the documentation. There should not be any stains, holes, or shortages in sewing additions. Anything that makes the final product incomplete or of lower quality is reported by the inspection.

At this point, the quality control prepares their individual documentation and damage report. Such papers are then forwarded to the preproduction department, where the employees need to contact the customers regarding the infringements.

Each packer is responsible for labeling an approved product and passing it on to the packing line workers. They use bags and collective packages to prepare the final product. They carry out their work based on the customer’s individual requirements and guidelines.

As soon as the end products are packed, they are ready to be passed to the finished products warehouse. We use high racks on a large surface to maintain enough space for all our orders. The packing line workers also provide all the necessary shipping information to the warehouse.

It is then when the last phase starts, and the logistics department steps in. Professionals finish the whole textile production process by preparing the shipment of the goods. The finished products await inside the warehouse for collection and after that, they are on their way to our customer.


H&I Tekstile – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, therefore H&I Tekstile puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of our textile production process. At all stages, we focus on sustainable development. Our clients can be sure that we care for the environment and use only the best materials on the market. We are proud to say our products possess the GOTS and the OEKO-TEX certificates.

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