GOTS and OEKO-TEX Certificates – Why They Are So Important

GOTS and OEKO-TEX Certificates – Why They Are So Important

Modern companies tend to care more about the natural environment. More and more people see the importance of spreading awareness about our planet’s future. Therefore, the idea of sustainable development is becoming more popular and recognized around the world. It is crucial to outline that there are international documentations inseparably connected to this philosophy. They are the GOTS and OEKO-TEX certificates. In the following article, we want to compare the two while underlining how important they are in the modern world.

What Is the GOTS Certificate?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This certificate is interlocked with the origin of the textiles. Fibers used during their production should all be of natural origin while the plants should be grown using ecological methods. Certain international standards apply to each part of the process. What is more, all of the GOTS-certified products are not allowed to consist of any GMO materials.

There are specific categories, which may apply to receive a GOTS certificate. The list includes fibers, knitwear, fabrics, home textiles, clothes, and others. It is important to stress out that leather materials are not eligible to apply for this kind of certificate.

It is important to note that proper water treatment is a key component of the GOTS standard. Manufacturers must use a treatment plant and a closed water circuit. This is particularly vital for wet-spun fabrics, including linen and cotton.

Global Organic Textile Standard applies for a period of twelve months, hence it needs to be renewed yearly. Each year the certification company organizes an audit to prove that the manufacturer works accordingly to the standards set at the beginning of the process.

What Is the OEKO-TEX Certificate?

OEKO-TEX was born out of an idea by the German Hohenstein Institute and the Austrian Institute of Ecology, Technology, and Innovation ÖTI. The scientists working for both companies agreed to create a certificate to underline the quality of products avoiding the use of harmful substances. They also defined specific standards for products, which are likely to receive the OEKO-TEX certificate. The reason for that is to minimize the availability of products that can affect people’s health in a harmful way.

In order to receive the certificate, each manufacturer needs to prove the highest quality of their products. During the audit, specialists research a wide variety of elements that are crucial during the production process. Apart from proving the natural origin of the raw materials, manufacturers need to send specific samples to the institute.

The organization recognizes four classes of products. They categorize each product in relation to its potential skin contact. Class IV products are fabrics that have occasional contact with the skin. These include tablecloths and curtains. Class III products include over wear clothes, which have little contact with the skin. The most popular category is Class II, including most of our daily clothing. Then comes Class I, which relates to textile products for newborns and children under 3.

GOTS and OEKO-TEX Certificates – Highest Quality Is the Name of the Game

We are proud to say that our company, H&I Tekstile, possesses both these important certifications. We also must admit that relying on sustainable development is what makes us a better manufacturer each day. Step by step, we want to outperform ourselves, bringing the highest quality products to our beloved customers. Both the GOTS and the OEKO-TEX certificates are the best proof that H&I Tekstile puts emphasis on ecology and quality.

Moreover, we would like to point out that we are one of just two companies in Poland, which hold the prestigious GOTS certificate. It validates our contribution to sustainable development, as well as other pro-environmental concepts. In other words, we provide the accuracy and certainty that our products meet the highest global standards.

The same applies to our OEKO-TEX certificate. Being proud holders of this documentation, H&I Tekstile confirms its highest quality of fabrics and textiles. It stretches out the fact that our company manufactures products using safe and healthy materials. This is especially crucial when it comes to our children’s textiles, which need to be secure for the wellbeing of toddlers and kids.

Why are both these certificates so important for our clients? Because they show that H&I Tekstile is engaged in maintaining the highest quality of products that meet global ecological standards. We are safe to say that thanks to them our company is at the forefront of modern textile manufacturers. And we will do anything to keep it that way.

To view H&I Teksitle’s GOTS and OEKO-TEX certificates, press here and here (respectively).

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